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My mom holding me when I was about nine months old

That was my mom’s exact reaction when my dad presented my birth certificate for her release from the hospital when I was born. When my mom read my name on the document she asked my dad: “What kind of name is this? I can’t even read it.” He briefly answered that it was a French name without being aware that it could also be found in other non speaking French countries like Germany or Denmark where its pronunciation was different. Then my dad slowly broke down my name into syllables for my mom to hear it: “awn-ree-ET”. That’s right. My name is Henriette.


10 Tips You Must Know Before You Go Hiking in Romania

The warm weather has finally settled in making it an excellent time for hiking in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. Hiking is one of the many activities people that visit Romania are interested in doing. I loved hiking when I lived in Romania and can’t wait to do it again. However, no matter how much I liked the mountains I carefully chose places with safety in mind. 


Ahh…This Mud Is Amazing

If you haven’t rolled in mud yet just go ahead and do it. Don’t think too much about it. You may be braver than you think. Let yourself go and have a blast! You will find out that covering yourself in mud is not such a bad idea. It will be messy but it is something that you will always remember. You may even like it. The hippo seems to enjoy it. (more…)

Celebrating an Early Spring Arrival With Cool Romanian Traditions

Warm weather has finally arrived in Romania. The first spring flowers thrust their heads through the last layers of snow warning everyone about the signs of spring arrival. Even though spring is not official yet, Romanians like to celebrate the beginning of spring on March 1stMartisor is the name of March or “martie” in Romanian.


What American Citizens Should Know About Corruption In Romania

Here there are excerpts from an article released by the United States Embassy in Bucharest to make American Citizens aware of “corruption” in Romania.


There Were Others Before Matisse [The Romanian Blouse]

Romanians were very proud when Yves Saint Lauren used a Matisse painting motif in a modern ensemble at his fashion show in 1981. The very well known 20th Century French painter became interested in the Romanian blouse or ‘ia’ when one of his friends, a Romanian painter, introduced him to the Romanian folklore. He painted La Blouse Romaine or The Romanian Blouse in 1940 and represented this motif in other paintings. He actually became obsessed with this blouse and created several drawings when he got ill and was unable to paint as well as he had done before.  (more…)

One Summer Day in the Country [Nicolae Vermont, Romanian painter]

Romania’s countryside has been an inspiration to writers, poets, musicians, painters, and other artists predominantly in the past two centuries. Any traveler visiting Romania today can’t wait to get a taste of it. Instead of relying on modern photography and/or film to share some of the country’s rustic life, I thought that it would be more interesting to find out how it looked thorough the eyes of a painter. That was when I learned about Nicolae Vermont.


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