10 Tips You Must Know Before You Go Hiking in Romania

The warm weather has finally settled in making it an excellent time for hiking in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. Hiking is one of the many activities people that visit Romania are interested in doing. I loved hiking when I lived in Romania and can’t wait to do it again. However, no matter how much I liked the mountains I carefully chose places with safety in mind. 


It’s Nice to Meet You, Anne with an ‘E’ [Netflix]

Late last night, I was looking for a movie to watch on Netflix. I wasn’t looking for any particular one and definitely not for a children movie. At least that’s what I thought when I saw the title “Anne with an E” and the picture on the screen of a thin and freckled redheaded girl with blue eyes. I noticed that it was a new release and thought I should give it a try. (more…)

Is This It For SnapChat Spectacles?

When a new gadget appears on the market and looks like it has come from a James Bond movie the chances are that it was probably first seen in a James Bond or another spy movie. Sunglasses are the most common spying device for a variety of obvious reasons. Special circular Polarizing Sunglasses may not be a big deal today but in A View to a Kill (1985) they were a novelty that helped Bond see through tinted windows. To me, any new gadget I purchase has to be useful in some way. Usefulness can’t get any better for this next kind of glasses. (more…)

First Step [Math Class -Percent Problems]

We normally teach our students to set up a proportion as “part/whole = n/100” to help them solve problems with percent. There are some students, however, that don’t “see” how the proportion was set up and assume that “part” is always smaller than the “whole”.  (more…)

Shopping for Palazzo Pants

Thank you Coco Chanel for giving us freedom of movement! Palazzo pants are back in style this spring. Palazzo pants have periodically been reintroduced into fashion from the 1930’s famous Hollywood actresses to the Hippie era. The off-the-shoulder blouses that are also the trend this season can easily be matched with the Palazzo pants. (more…)

A 10-minute Spinach and Feta Cheese Omelette

This morning, I was craving for an omelette. I love making omelettes because they are fast, easy to make, and can be made with just about anything you like or have available like I do. Since I haven’t done my grocery shopping for next week, I was looking to empty the refrigerator by using as much food as I could. I found eggs and some Feta cheese.


Don’t You Like Your Wine? Boil It!

Today, I found an unopened bottle of cheap white wine in my refrigerator. My husband bought it a while ago and forgot all about it. I did not like it. However, I felt bad about trowing it away. Then I remembered that my mom used to boil wine usually during the cold season. When you like boiled wine the season becomes less important. It will be delicious no matter what time of the year you decide to drink it.


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