Is Homework Truly Helping Children’s Learning?

“Who has not done their homework today?” That was a question that I had never intended to answer when I went to school in Romania. Teachers would ask this question without realizing how degrading and insulting it was for a child to stand in front of the class and admit that he/she did not do the assigned homework. I did my homework mostly because I was scared of my teachers and my parents. I don’t think the teachers that used this tactic, especially at the elementary level, realized how intimidating was for a child and what a negative psychological impact could have on a child’s life.  (more…)

[for Romanian teachers] Cum facerea temelor influenteaza invatarea


“Cine NU si-a facut tema astazi?” Aceasta era o intrebare la care nu imi propuneam sa raspund niciodata cind eram in scoala in Romania.


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