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[easy stew] If You Like Eggplant and Mushrooms

I love eggplant. I love mushrooms. I love stews. I know stews look messy but they mean eating healthy the old – fashioned way. My dish took shape from the combination of these two main ingredients. This is a one – pot wonder meal that comes delicious no matter what. There are no mistakes to be made because the ingredients and their quantities can be adjusted according to taste.


How to Cook With Grape Leaves

Grape leaves are used in the cuisines of various regions in the world including the Balkans and the Middle East. They are sold in jars and usually packed in rolls in a brined solution. The grape leaves that get wrapped around a filling are often called dolma  or sarma. Romanians use the word sarma for stuffed grape leaves and stuffed cabbage leaves. They are usually made during the year around holidays but this is not a rule. There is no single recipe for cooking stuffed grape leaves. Some people use vegetables and/or meat as filling. Stuffed grape leaves can be served cold as an appetizer or warm as a main dish.


A Simple 5-step Vegetable Soup For the Cold Season

I have never considered myself a good cook. My mother tried to teach me how to cook but I did not want to pay any attention. As expected, the time had come for me to be on my own. I started become more attentive when it came to cooking if I wanted to eat healthy.

I followed recipes at first and was fortunate to cook all my dishes very well. Then I remembered that my mom never used any recipes to prepare her dishes and no matter how tasty my dishes were I could never get the taste I liked in my mom’s cooking. That was when I decided to put my recipes aside and started cooking using my own “taste” which meant to mix things up until I got what I wanted. I was not a soup eater when I was growing up. The following soup is one of the fewest soups I still like. It uses all kinds of vegetables and pretty much anything you like and as much as you like.


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